The origins of the word Mandragora go back a little far. Mandragora is the name of a plant (mostly associated with mythologic magic potions) whose roots’ shape look a lot like the human figure. Maybe that’s the reason why, near by the Museum of Fine Arts, where the sidewalk is less frenetic, there is a little but thriving shop called in fact Mandragora.  


About 30 years ago this little shop opened up its doors. Gwendolina, together with two partners, manages the shop. Gwenny is a nice lady that is in love with everything that is green and eco-friendly. She wants me to know that all the clothes they are selling at the shop are not ‘eco-friendly‘ they are just 100% eco. Every piece of clothing has a special trademark known as Gots that states that the particular fabric used to assemble the fashion masterpiece is 100% eco and also that the makers were paid a fair wage.

Mandragora serves all kinds of clothes from socks to underwear, shirts, pants and jumpers. Even men and women underwear in silk and wool and mixed silk and wool. Clothes for kids from 0 up until 3-4 years. Gwendolina also cared to tell me they were waiting for the next season collection to arrive. She explains to me that making these eco-bio clothes takes longer time than normal shops. There is no industrial production here, the product is not sent to a third world country, it’s all in house. Most of the brands they sell are from Germany, also some local small designers from South America. These 3 independent entrepreneurs loves what they do. They want to get to know their suppliers, to know how they are helping the planet.
On the second floor they also have toys and books. The books are simply amazing, you can see they are made with care and love. I couldn’t stop myself from buying my daughter a book as well, while browsing the shop. The toys are also wooden made and well designed. It’s all part of the eco-story they want to tell. Even the smell of this little shop is intense. You can smell the trees and all sorts of organic material the fabrics are made of.


Beeldhouwersstraat 46, 2000 Antwerpen

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