If you are looking for a different kind of evening entertainment, something different than classic ballet or live music at De Muze, if you like experimental art, if you are a fan of Dance, Music or Architecture, then you must come and watch one performance at deSingel. One of the nice event to attend is the Festival Bouge B, or also any kind of Art and Performances festival that takes place here. William Forsythe Semperoper Ballet and Pina Bausch dance company are also a must performance to watch at deSingel, they come almost every year.


Saying that deSingel is just the place where the Antwerp Conservatory is located or where you watch dance or music shows wouldn’t give it any justice: deSingel is so much more than that. A place where young and talented people could study art forms while having stages next to it that could take audience too to enjoy performances was the dream of Peter Benoit in 1898, a dream that could only become true in 1958 thanks to the imagination of Léon Stynen.

The modern and interesting looking building was created by the architects Léon Stynen and Stéphane Beel. It’s indeed an iconic building upon which the words Dans, Muziek and Architectuur are written in capital letters. They impose from the rooftop, they dominate the view also in the evening when the building is at its most charm with all the lights on. Another interesting spot in the building is the Grand Café deSingel. Don’t forget to have an aperitif before or after a performance in one of the zaal.

Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen


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