Benjamin Verdonck is one of the most unpredictable and versatile artist born in Antwerp: when entering a theatre to watch one of his performance you never know what is going to happen!
He’s a director, actor, dancer, choreographer, visual artist and a writer: a making artist. For him innovation means to highlight some manual skills and rediscovering everyday objects by giving them new endless interpretations.
Art, in his vision, doesn’t only reveals reality, but it’s part of it, it interacts with it and changes it. That’s the reason why his creations and performances haven’t only been represented in theatres, but also in everyday urban spaces. One of his most incredible installation, in fact, was the creation of a bird nest on the top of some buildings in Bruxelles, Antwerp and Rotterdam. “Hirondelle/dooi vogeltje/the great swallow” and “The Nest” gives us a moment to ponder over environmental matters.

The Nest
The Great Swallow video
The Great Swallow


In his installations Verdonck faces some main topics such as the environment or materialism with a unique poetic voice, without imposing answers but instead offering a free and enigmatic view, completely out of the ordinary. A view that touches us deeply just by using the power of the images that he creates. Verdonck offers us a perspective on a world that embraces innocence and simplicity, like a young boy disguised as philosopher. His way of being such versatile artist shows through the awesome city where he’s from and where he currently lives in. Antwerp is a city full of contradictions, continuously evolving. A city that looks at the future without forgetting its past. Antwerp it’s the place that gave a chance to Verdonck to express himself and to give us a new image through his never-ordinary experiments. To better understand his amazing city, you’ll have to witness with your own eyes one of Verdonck’s performances.

A little tip: Free your mind from every prejudgment, experimentation and innovation don’t give too much guidance, they are free. Are you ready to embrace them?

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