Have you ever tried an Escape room game? If not, Escaping Antwerp is going to do the trick for you. There are a couple of Escape rooms in town but Escaping Antwerp is definitely the scariest one. They started in 2016, they’ve got so far 3 rooms: Let’s Rob a Bank, Patient X and Room 22. They’ve got a 4th room coming up in mid 2019. Looking forward to it.
I have played myself with a group of 5 people in Let’s Rob a Bank and although we haven’t managed to get out in time (you got 60 min), I admit the whole experience was just amazing! Impossible clues, secret doors, everything was completely unexpected. I cannot tell you more, don’t want to spoil the fun! Just try it out.


You can play up to 7 people per room, you’ll divide the cost of the room which is going to be max 130€ (to split). If you are less people (min. 2) you’ll pay a different price. Come and check out this giant space: 350 square meters more or less. You can also play some board games, if you are a fan like me. Special price arrangements are made if you play one escape game, you have a sort of day pass, you can hang and play the board games they have one their shelves. Otherwise they ask 1€ contribution to use them. There is also a bar where you could have a drink after your game.


Reyndersstraat 20, 2000 Antwerpen


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