While the world was dancing on the notes of Papa don’t Preach by Madonna and making out while in the background True Colors by Cyndi Lauper was playing, Pascal de Bruyn was setting up his store in Kloosterstraat, the ‘Chelsea Vinyl Records’. And if you’re a music lover and a big fan of cluttered interiors full of Vinyls and music posters you have to come to this place and check it out. I have never seen anything like it around Antwerp. There’s no way you can spend less than an hour in here, just walking around makes you dreaming about music. The owner, Pascal, cheers me with a smile, he tells me he’s in the business for about 30 years and senses this time that went by on his shoulders. He sure still gets a thrill when there’s a new batch of music material coming up, but then he confesses me when he goes home, silence waits for him. He told me he listens to music all day long since 32 years and when gets home he wants to relax his ears. The store is the place for music, home is where the mind rests.


Chelsea Vinyl Records is the place to look for rare and new. You’ll find Vinyl, Cd’s but even Tapes. Yes! Pascal tells me that, as strangely as it might sound, people are again asking for Tapes, and so some music production companies are producing them again. Though he asks me why, why do I think people would want to have something home to rewind every time they listen with the help of a pen? I guess collectors are fan of rare things that are running out of production, point blank. Ask Polaroid.


Kloosterstraat 10, 2000 Antwerpen


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