Do you still remember how was flirting 20 years ago? Before the Internet 2.0 (almost even before the internet)? And did you ever think how was flirting 50 years ago? Or let’s say 130 years ago? And how it was finding a partner in ‘t Stad more than one century ago? Well, if not, here a good chance to satisfy your curiosity. And see two of the most iconic places of Antwerpen from a different prospective: the Zuiderterras and the Noordeterras.


First a premise: these elevated boulevards were -in the begin of XIX century- right in the middle of the port area. Yes, at that time, you could have found around Het Steen cranes, tracks, stevedores, machineries, etc.: the Zuiderterras and the Noordeterras were the only places in the area where the normal citizens could go. Especially bachelors and single ladies (with their mothers) … There was an authentic flirting-ritual: when a girl showed interest in a guy -and the mother approved him-, the lucky gained a wave of the parent. It meant: yes, we can see each other a second time. And the next rendez-vous was not –ça va sans dire– in a bar or restaurant. But again, on the Terras, not on a specific day, following the destiny. The second time, if the guy received a new wave, he could get close and talk. In the very begin, with the mother only. And then -eventually- with the lady as well.




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