When crossing Borsbeekstraat, in Borgerhout, you wouldn’t notice the little home-restaurant of Hilde if you didn’t know it was there in the first place. The small entrance will lead you to a long living room with a big kitchen and a small terrace in the back. A little corner with a sofa waiting for you, and a long wooden table already furnished.
Hilde is a 60-ish Belgian woman that about 4 years ago, together with her daughter, decided to open a little restaurant in her own house, more specifically in her own kitchen-living room. A place called Pepper and Mint. When coming to eat at Pepper and Mint you’ll feel the welcoming smell of Hilde’s kitchen: the freshness of the ingredients and the authenticity to eat all together at one big wooden table, make you feel the conviviality of chatting with people you don’t know yet and the incredible freshness of the meal you’re about to eat.


The quality of the food is really good, you can taste freshness in every dish. Salads are made right in front of your eyes. Eating here brought me back to my childhood when my mom used to cook for me. The wait while she was preparing, the nice smell in the kitchen…

The menu here is fixed, you can only inform Hilde whether you are a vegetarian or not when you reserve a spot. Every day she opens she has a new menu, for a total of 3 different menus per week (being only open 3 days during the week). Reservation is mandatory as there is a fix number of seats that Hilde can offer (about 20-24). She also has a catering business that she takes care of during the rest of the week days.


Borsbeekstraat 115, 2140 Antwerpen


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