Every family has a story, welcome to Meat & Eat story… Chef Mo, son of a famous slagerij in Antwerp, learned from his father while working in the family butcher shop then began to work for numerous restaurants and became more and more expert until founded Bistro Meat & Eat. The whole family Aoulad is involved in this food business. I have been to this place since I moved to Antwerp, when it used to be small on a corner of Marnix Plaats. Even now that it moved to another corner of the same square, to a bigger place, I still find it a lekker place to eat meat. Everytime I go there Yo, the manager, hugs me and makes me feel home. Nothing can beat that: a family restaurant that makes you feel like home.


Try the Ossobuco, or the Veal filet, side dishes will fill you up so much. From beans to Belgian witlof, croquettes and frietjes. All meal served with the choice of a homemade sauce: Bernaise, Mushroom, Pepper sauce, etc. My favorite? The dessert, a special apple Crumble on fire with cinnamon and vanilla ice by chef Mo. I’m already hungry!!!

Marnixplaats 1, 2000 Antwerpen


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