Vrijdagmarkt literally means “Friday Market“: you can find every strange type of old, vintage objects here. If you are a fan of searching for hidden treasures, this is the place! It occurs every Friday, in the Vrijdagmarkt. A real place for discoveries. As an extra the square is quite relaxing in the early morning. There are a couple of nice bars in the neighborhood if don’t want to wait in front of a nice Cappuccino, before the market madness starts.

There are auctions that starts around 9AM, the market closes around 1PM, you can find stuff from can food to furniture. It’s a super small market, compared to others in Antwerp, but it’s an amazing place to find yourself on a early Friday morning. Every box has a number which will be called during the auction to set a price. Last time I paid 2€ and thought I got a couple of handmade basket, and it turns out for 2€ I got 10 of them all different sizes. If you are good at spotting a good deal, then you cannot miss this event.

Vrijdagmarkt, 2000 Antwerpen