Maurice Boerentoren

Last weekend I went to Maurice in Antwerp’s city center for breakfast. I love this place is so full of details. There is even a little stand with wool-knitted products. They are a bit expensive but so soft and warm to wear. Every flower vase has a super cute wool vest, this keeps a lot the concept of this bar alive. There are two Maurice in Antwerp, another one is in Berchem. Though they are a little different: Maurice Boerentoren is much bigger and there are plenty of vintage gadgets hanging around. If you look closely there are some 20′ cameras on the left side and some other objects scattered in the café, as their music selection: Maurice playlist is also available to listen on Spotify.
This place is also very much baby-friendly. Behind the beautiful piano there is a small corner where babies can play, the toys are wooden made, there are a couple of books…

I love the fact that every chair and table is different than the other. It makes this place so special. I love being around even just for tea. They have a good selection of boterham and salades, so brunch definitely an option. Sometimes they have homemade pancakes in the morning, omelettes, etc. But the best of the best: CAKES. I just love Maurice cakes… All artisanal, all awesome tastes, like the pecan/salty caramel chocolate. Yummy!

Schoenmarkt 35, 2000 Antwerpen