La Pizzeria & A tavola

In Italy Pizzeria means “the place where you can taste pizza” but it’s not just that. It’s the place to try pasta and dessert too. This small restaurant is split in two small hall. ‘A tavola’ which is the restaurant and ‘La Pizzeria’ where you can try different types of pizza. Something peculiar you cannot miss is the real size Fiat 600 hanging on the wall. It’s an Italian car that was split in 2 perfect half and both are hanging behind your head while eating. They are very original and give a touch of vintage to the place.

One of the cool things about this place is that the kitchens of these two restaurants are in connection. On one side the big oven for the pizza and the other the kitchen where the owner prepares fresh pasta. Pizza Margherita tastes really good, Neapolitan style.

Lange Lozannastraat 284, 2018 Antwerpen