With its 130 trees this small green urban spot is an incredible pleasant place to have a stroll or just to ride your bike. It’s a good alternative to the chaotic road right next to it. It seems like here the trees create a sort of sound-proof path, just for the visitors, where urban noises disappear.


Lots of people think that this is a private domein, but this is far from the truth. Domein Hertoghe it’s a little forest within the city, not touristic at all. An average of 3 hectare park full of tall trees and benches, with an interest in preserving the biodiversity. In fact here you’ll find a few species from birds to hedgehogs but also berries and plants. Pic nic’s are the best here, this is a quite place to think. Even good for just a walk, eating a sandwhich. It’s worth a visit.

Markgravelei, 2018 Antwerpen

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