You may have dreamt of a longer summer until last week, but now Autumn is here and with it the desire of something cosy and warm, and nice and pleasant, and friendly and… gezellig.

Gezellig is the feeling of a hot chocolate drunk with a friend in a cosy little cafè, chatting about everything and nothing. Gezellig is an evening in, surrounded by a bunch of nice people, eating good food and feeling at home a thousand kilometres from home. Gezellig is an improvised baking session with your kids and the smell of pumpkin spreading around the house. Gezellig is a newly decorated bedroom for a child who is still to be born, but already loved. Gezellig is a comfy sofa to snuggle in with a book and a cup of tea. Gezellig is the good company that makes you feel better, the pleasant view of a well-kept little garden, the little comfort that makes you think “this is my place” even if you are a non-native.

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